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Asana Chart for Systematic Meditation Sequence:

The practice of meditation that is imparted by the sages and masters of the Himalayas is a systematic practice that leads you through body, breath, and mind to have the direct experience of ‘That’ which is beyond body, breath, and mind; the absolute reality, the objectless center of consciousness, whose nature is peace, happiness, and bliss. This “Asana Chart” presents some postures that can be used during this systematic meditation practice.

How to use this Asana Chart:

Choose at least ONE posture from EVERY row, so that you put together your own sequence for your meditation practice, according to your capacity.

Row 1 till 7:
Choosing at least one posture from every row will give the body all the basic movements it needs to make the meditation posture more comfortable. The goal of doing yogapostures is to be able to sit still, steady, and comfortable during your meditation practice.
Row 8:
After doing some yogapostures; lay down in the relaxation posture presented in row 8 to do a relaxation.
Row 9:
use the postures from row 9 for:
Breathing practices:
After finishing your relaxation practice, do some breathing practices in one of the meditation postures presented in row 9.


When your are done with your breathing practices you can either stay in the same meditation posture or change to a less simple meditation posture from row 9.

Ideally this sequence is done at every meditation session.

It doesn’t have to be complicated to start a meditation practice today:

Although coaching or guidance in the systematic meditation sequence is preferred, this Asana Chart can inspire and support you to start to meditate by yourself. It shows you that systematic meditation is not a complicated process, but something that can be done by everyone. Everyone will be able to do the first of every row. Just stay within your comfortable capacity. Don’t wait. start today!

You can add if you like:

If you know other asanas/yogapostures that are not presented here, you can always add them to the sequence in addition to row 1 till 7. Keep the order of the sequence as it is; first do stretches, then relaxation, breathing practices and meditation practice. Remember that the goal of doing asanas/yogapostures is to sit comfortable in your meditation posture during your meditation practice.

Need some examples?
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most simple meditation sequence
mostly standing postures meditation sequence
‘on the ground’ meditation sequence (sitting and lying down)
extensive meditation sequence (going back and forward between row 1 till 7)

Duration of sequence:
There is no fixed time in which you systematically move through the whole sequence. It can be done in 5 minutes, or if you have the time in 90 minutes, or whatever time you have available. In all cases do not leap over any steps, as you are creating a groove, a habit pattern for the mind, which over time will benefit your practice enormously.


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