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Updated in May 2019…There is a Tradition of Himalayan sages, that is linked together unbroken for thousands of years in this appearance of time and space as an eternal stream of wisdom. Each sage by himself or herself being a direct source of the Divine. For us Swami Rama is the direct source of this Tradition. He guided many students that are currently still sharing what Swami Rama has gifted them and the world. Each student shares from what they know and have experienced themselves. The more the depth of this Tradition reveals itself, the more the awe resonates from the depth of this heart…
For the 10 years that this little vessel, that has been given the name ‘Ma Tripurashakti’ by this Tradition, has received the teachings and practices of this Tradition it used this website to express that what had been given so freely and lovingly. This website is by far not a complete expression of all that was given to me. But it was for all those years a tool to express AHA’s, contemplations and moments of deep awe for Divine Mother. Deep gratitude for all these teachings and how it is able to reveal to us that at the core of our being Divinity dwells.
Now, as Tradition seemed to want to have it, a period has started for a deeper assimilation of the teachings by embracing a more quiet time under the roof of Swami Rama’s ashram. Here, for the next few years, all time will be spent on practice, practice, practice… Thus not focusing on expressing anymore but it’s only about going inward. Because it takes time to maintain this website, I wanted to let it go. Yet 2 people have offered to completely take it over so that it stays online. This is very sweet of them, mostly for all the translation work that was done in the past to provide these teachings in Dutch… thank you both!
Until perhaps a next phase, anyone who would like to support this phase of practice, as swami’s live by begging, can do so by making a small donation. In the old days it was a begging bowl, going from door to door, now in this virtual world one can knock on your door through a computer screen! ❤
Enjoy whatever is offered here… it is for those who walk the path of Yoga, Vedanta, and Sri Vidya Samaya Tantra of the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters. Again, many students are still alive that have drank from the fountain of this Tradition through Swami Rama and thus if you feel that you are a part of this big ‘Swami Rama’ family then go find a stream, find a parampara that feels home for you..
To drink directly from the source, watch the many videos that are available of Swami Rama giving lectures on many topics: here is a YouTube channel.
Many come to this Tradition by reading Swami Rama’s autobiography “Living with the Himalayan Masters” in which Swami Rama himself writes about this Tradition in the last chapter called “Our Tradition”. But any of his many books are recommended to dive into this Tradition…

Other sources or places where you may find a home are:
Sadhana Mandir (Swami Rama’s Ashram in Rishikesh) of Abhyasa Ashram (ashram founded by Swami Jnaneshvara)
Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (ashram founded by Swami Veda)
Himalayan Institute in USA
But there are many more.. know that if you are sincere guidance will come… as they say “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”… so get yourself ready!


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Yoga Meditation, Contemplation, and Devotion for Self-realization

This site is an offering to those who deeply long to experience Pure Consciousness that is known as Divine Mother or Tripura (‘Tri’ means three, and ‘pura’ means city); She is the one that lives in the three cities of Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep. Temporary leaving behind the three cities and residing only in Pure Consciousness is called Self-realization. Another name for this realization is Yoga; the union of the individual self with the universal Self; the union of Atman with Brahman, or Shiva with Shakti; or the dis-union of Purusha and Prakriti. Some might think of Tripura as an anthropomorphic being but She is not, She is the Non-dual Reality in which all appearing manifestation seems to exist. All that is, is the Non-dual Reality.
On this site the teachings of Yoga, Vedanta, and Samaya Sri Vidya Tantra are offered to guide you in learning to meditate directly on Tripura by using modern ways of communication such as through animations, while preserving the ancient wisdom. These teaching have been given to us by an ancient lineage of meditation masters, lovingly called the Tradition of the Himalayan masters. These practices lead us to a space of stillness and silence where Yoga meditation, contemplation, mantra and prayer converge into deep devotion and constant awareness of Tripura. At the end of the journey when all efforts are exhausted, grace will dawn. This is known as shaktipata, through which the final barrier is removed, which is the piercing of the bindu, and leads to the direct experience of Non-dual Reality. This finally reveals an unimaginable Joy from knowing the Non-dual Reality or Pure Consciousness!


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