YOGA is the Union of Atman and Brahman (Advaita Vedanta), of Shiva & Shakti (Tantra) or through the dis-union of Purusha & Prakriti (Yoga). These three streams all bring you to the same Center of Consciousness, to a state of Yoga… there is only ONE ABSOLUTE REALITY… thus… there is really only ONE REAL YOGA
1) Our preparation starts with the systematic meditation practice offered in the Yoga Sutras.
2) However, from the beginning our philosophy is Non-dualism, which is experienced through the contemplative practice offered in Advaita Vedanta. The ability to direct your attention to the formless Non-dual Reality is supported by the systematic meditation practice.
3) But, the icing on top of this contemplative practice is the unfolding awe and devotion to Tripura Sundari; formless Consciousness that appears to play as form. Through inner worship and meditation on the formless Divine Mother one can experience that Shiva and Shakti are one and the same. After this realization, gradually all the waves within the play of Pure Consciousness can be mastered. This adept can play in Leela, while always being at Home, at Tripura.



The Yoga of the Yoga Sutras leads you to the experience of the Self resting in its own true nature. This happens when all the movements in Pure Consciousnesses have been mastered and temporary be set aside –> when they go nirodhah. This is Yoga through the dis-union of Purusha (pure Consciousness) and Prakriti (appearing matter, in its subtlest form).
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In Yoga philosophy (which rest on Sankyha philosophy) two things appear to be eternally present; Purusha, Pure Consciousness and Prakriti, subtlest matter. By an appearing process of forgetting (avidya) Purusha has taken on the movements that appear within Prakriti as identities. Pure Consciousness has permeated these separate appearing waves within Prakriti and is wearing them. It seems as if Pure Consciousness has colored itself with attachment.

The meditation practice that is offered in the Yoga Sutras teaches us how to systematically move our attention inward to the subtler and subtler the levels of coloring/attachment so that buddhi sharpens and it sees Prakriti for what it truly is; the not-self. This removes the colorings (kleshas 2.3) bringing an increasing state of non-attachment (vairagya) to the layers of Prakriti. In this way attention moves inward all the way until it can be directed to buddhi and the gunas itself. This process of increasing non-attachment gives intuitive knowledge about the nature of the Self. This intuitive knowledge, that comes from discrimination knowledge, works like gravity. So that one moment all of Prakriti temporary falls away in a state of nirodhah and Yoga happens; a state of Union that has been always there.

Thus, in this Dualistic view of how to attain the pre-existing Union, all of Prakriti is tempopary set aside in a state of nirodhah in which Pure Consciousness stands alone, that is called Yoga.

In our tradition these meditation practices from Yoga Sutras are seen as preparation. Our philosophy is Non-dualism. But as long as dualism appears to exits, the Yoga Sutras offer us an highly practical and systematic way of dealing with the apparent attachments. But… if one would practice only Yoga meditation, with full determination and would carry it all the way, don’t think they would end up at a different Yoga. Because, there is only ONE FORMLESS PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. It can be seen as appearing dualism or non-dualism, there still is only one Reality. Any sincere seeker, no matter what tradition, no matter where in the world, which religion, agnostic, or atheist, or non of these, if one dives deep enough will end up at the same Center of Consciousness. (As you can see this opinion is already based on non-dualism, that even if you would practice dualism it will bring you to a cliff, of which you will have to jump, into formless pure union to experience Yoga… grace guides all sincere seekers home)



Advaita means not-two. In this philosophy dualism is an appearing illusion (maya) within the non-dual reality, called Brahman. In the highest realization Atman, the individual Self, and Brahman, the universal Self, are seen as one and the same: AYAM ATMAN BRAHMAN (Atman and brahman are the same), simultaneously comes the realization of SARVAM KHALVIDAM BRAHMAN (All of this is brahman). This is also called Yoga, a state of Union.
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With discrimination the seeker contemplates on the Absolute Reality and discerns between real and unreal, between Brahman and the appearing maya. That which is seen as unreal is discarded and renounced as an illusion. By a process of not-this, not-this, not-this, a ‘awareness’ of what is now labeled as not-self increases. This is a process of eliminating. The expanded awareness towards the not-self increases the awareness of the Self.

Through the process of contemplation, the true nature of Atman, the individual true Self becomes clearer and clearer. So that all attention can be directed in constant contemplation to the Self alone.

This constant contemplation leads to the direct experience of the true Self, which is called atman jnana, the knowledge of Atman. In this moment is also becomes clear that, ATMAN AND BRAHMAN ARE THE SAME, and ALL IS BRAHMAN there is only one Absolute Reality, there is no second.


The union in which Shiva and Shakti are directly experienced as one and the same, they were never separated in the first place, is also called YOGA. Through meditation and contemplation on the formless a deep devotion is cultivated toward Tripura Sundari (The One who dwells in the 3 cities of Waking, Dreaming, and Deep Sleep) which will lead to complete surrender into Tripura Sundari. She is seen in all waves of manifestation. She is the one that plays as form, but is always formless.
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First one seeks atman jnana, a direct experience of the Atman, of Pure Consciousness, being one and the same as Brahman. After that practice is not finished. Then gradually one learns to master all of the levels of Consciousness, all the three cities in which Tripura Sundari plays. This doesn’t mean Tantra is practiced only after the direct experience of Atman. The power of devotion, of bhava, leads the seeker to constant contemplation on Atman easily. The awe toward Tripura Sundari grows along the way, and supports the contemplation and meditation on the formless. How will it grow? By being constantly aware of pure Consciousness of Tripura Sundari. “I am constantly with you”. See Her is all forms, all sensory experiences. See Tripura Sundari in all the waves of bliss and beauty.


This website is not to show you the differences between these three streams, but to show you how they work together. To show you that they were never separate in the first place, because there is only ONE YOGA. The habit of the mind is to divert, to pull apart. Every time it appears as if Yoga is presented in another way it has been labeled with a new word, new philosophy, because this is how the mind works; buddhi labels everything, so it can ‘know’ everything that seems to occur within the appearing dualism. This is how communication works. It is not a bad thing, as long as we recognize its for what it is; A TOOL. Each stream has done the impossible; to communicate the indescribable. Each has found a way to guide the seeker to Yoga.
If we allow all the offerings of Yoga, Vedanta, and Tantra to work together, it will offer you a practice that includes Yoga Meditation, Contemplation and Devotion leading you to Self-realization – YOGA. These three aspects of the same practice reinforce each other.



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Yoga Meditation, Contemplation, and Devotion for Self-realization

This site is an offering to those who deeply long to experience Pure Consciousness that is known as Divine Mother or Tripura (‘Tri’ means three, and ‘pura’ means city); She is the one that lives in the three cities of Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep. Temporary leaving behind the three cities and residing only in Pure Consciousness is called Self-realization. Another name for this realization is Yoga; the union of the individual self with the universal Self; the union of Atman with Brahman, or Shiva with Shakti; or the dis-union of Purusha and Prakriti. Some might think of Tripura as an anthropomorphic being but She is not, She is the Non-dual Reality in which all appearing manifestation seems to exist. All that is, is the Non-dual Reality.
On this site the teachings of Yoga, Vedanta, and Samaya Sri Vidya Tantra are offered to guide you in learning to meditate directly on Tripura by using modern ways of communication such as through animations, while preserving the ancient wisdom. These teaching have been given to us by an ancient lineage of meditation masters, lovingly called the Tradition of the Himalayan masters. These practices lead us to a space of stillness and silence where Yoga meditation, contemplation, mantra and prayer converge into deep devotion and constant awareness of Tripura. At the end of the journey when all efforts are exhausted, grace will dawn. This is known as shaktipata, through which the final barrier is removed, which is the piercing of the bindu, and leads to the direct experience of Non-dual Reality. This finally reveals an unimaginable Joy from knowing the Non-dual Reality or Pure Consciousness!


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