“Meditation; a universal process”

Short explanation of video “Meditation; a universal process”:

This video ‘Yoga Meditation; a universal process’ is an attempt to explain the entire universal process of meditation as taught by Swami Rama and Swami Jnaneshvara, according to the Himalayan Tradition of meditation masters, within less then 10 minutes. It includes working with the body, breath, and mind so that you go beyond all three and dive into the Non-dual formless Consciousness.

Text of video “Meditation; a universal process”:

Deeply hidden underneath the unknown lies a reality that is eternal, not subject to change, it is THAT out of which everything appears to emerge, it is THAT in which everything seems to exist…it is THAT which you at the core of your being are…You are THAT.
Although it is labeled with different names, everyone is unconsciously aware of this one Absolute Reality, for people intuit that there must be a way to be eternally happy, only people search for it in the external world, without realizing that the external world is merely a dance, a wave within this Absolute Reality and that its nature is to always change; something comes, stays for a while, and goes, no matter how long it will stay it will eventually go.
That is why you must go within, into the unknown, to experience that reality which is not subject to change.
A living tradition of meditation masters has given us a road-map as a guide to find that reality. This map is of both you (microcosm microcosm) and the manifestation (macrocosm).
Thus, these masters have told us that by knowing yourself, you will also come to understand the whole of existence.
Their universal way of meditation teaches us to dive deep within, going from gross to subtle, to subtler, to the subtlest aspect of your being and beyond.
From form to formless.
From movement to stillness.
What is the universal process of meditation?
Meditation is a systematic process of moving through body, through breath, through mind to go beyond.
It starts with preparing the body …so that it does not become an obstacle. Do some stretches…and a relaxation. It will make the meditation posture straight, steady and comfortable.
Then move into the meditation posture, either on the ground or on a chair… most important is that the spine is straight.
To take the next step inward, work with your breath so it too does not become an obstacle.
This might be your breath at the moment; jerky, irregular, with pauses, using the chest or the abdominal area.
Gradually make the breath diaphragmatic, remove jerks, irregularities, and sounds, make the breath even, so that inhale and exhale are of equal length… and most important… remove the pauses.
When the breath is even and without pauses, slow down the exhalation so that the breath becomes 2 to 1, with the exhalation twice as long as the inhalation. Then do some pranayama exercises to clear and focus the mind and to open sushumna.
You have now done enough preparation to dive into the silent part of the meditation. Ideally this preparation part of meditation is done at every meditation session.
Now it is time to Gently start guiding the mind inward.
Begin with meditating on the body, by moving your awareness through the body, systematically…. at random… or by being aware of whole of the body at once. Direct your attention only to the body, nothing else, no world, no breath, no mind. And you do not move. Don’t move Do this for a while…
The next more subtle object of meditation is breath. Enjoy your slow diaphragmatic breathing that is still at a rate of 2 to 1 and without pauses. First, focus on the movement of the diaphragm.
Then after a while you can allow awareness to move up and down the spine (animation will show the movement form top of the spine to bottom and reverse)
Listen to the inner sound of the breath:
SOOOOO during inhalation and HAMMMM during exhalation.
Allow the breath to become slower and calmer…movements in the conscious mind will slowly fall away.
Then become absorbed into that subtle feeling of touch, of the breath flowing in and out of the nostrils, anchor the mind at the bridge of the nostrils …. only this subtle feeling exists….
While you are still listening to SOOO on a inhalation, HAAMMMM on a exhalation.
When you feel that both nostrils are flowing freely, you know sushumna is opened, and the mind is joyous, calm and ready to dive within…
It is now time to make a firm decision that no thoughts will disturb you, nothing can distract you or have an effect on you, because it is time to open the veil of the unconscious mind. Now you want the thoughts to come forward,
Thoughts will bubble up, do not grab them or identify with them, stay undisturbed, unaffected and un-involved, they will naturally fall back into wherever they came from, but with less coloring.
This process will thin the veil between you and the reality as it expands your conscious mind and decreases the unconscious part of mind.
Gradually you will become a witness, a witness to the movements of the mind.
After a while the thoughts will exhaust themselves…
In the meantime let your awareness fall into the space between the breasts or in the space between the eyebrows and you allow mantra to come forward, an example is AUM
Allow the sound to come forward until you experience the feeling it represents, then words can fall away. Allow the feeling to be there constantly and discover the awareness that is present within this feeling, then dive into this awareness or meditate on this awareness.
Mantra has brought you as close as you can get to the awareness of the Absolute Reality and you can now meditate directly on the formless Absolute Reality…which is objectless meditation
Do this practice until one day, when you have come to this place so often, and you have given all you can ….that the Absolute Reality itself will pull you in the rest of the way, and you will experience that all there is, is the Absolute Reality, or whatever word you like to use for it…


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Yoga Meditation, Contemplation, and Devotion for Self-realization

This site is an offering to those who deeply long to experience Pure Consciousness that is known as Divine Mother or Tripura (‘Tri’ means three, and ‘pura’ means city); She is the one that lives in the three cities of Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep. Temporary leaving behind the three cities and residing only in Pure Consciousness is called Self-realization. Another name for this realization is Yoga; the union of the individual self with the universal Self; the union of Atman with Brahman, or Shiva with Shakti; or the dis-union of Purusha and Prakriti. Some might think of Tripura as an anthropomorphic being but She is not, She is the Non-dual Reality in which all appearing manifestation seems to exist. All that is, is the Non-dual Reality.
On this site the teachings of Yoga, Vedanta, and Samaya Sri Vidya Tantra are offered to guide you in learning to meditate directly on Tripura by using modern ways of communication such as through animations, while preserving the ancient wisdom. These teaching have been given to us by an ancient lineage of meditation masters, lovingly called the Tradition of the Himalayan masters. These practices lead us to a space of stillness and silence where Yoga meditation, contemplation, mantra and prayer converge into deep devotion and constant awareness of Tripura. At the end of the journey when all efforts are exhausted, grace will dawn. This is known as shaktipata, through which the final barrier is removed, which is the piercing of the bindu, and leads to the direct experience of Non-dual Reality. This finally reveals an unimaginable Joy from knowing the Non-dual Reality or Pure Consciousness!


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