Inner Paradigm Shift: Consciousness appears to manifest outward!

Something that will happen along the way on the path toward Pure Consciousness is a shift in perspective, an inner shift. It may happen gradually or at once… Maybe it already happened… This shift is in the beginning merely intuitively or within your insights, but still it is a wonderful transition if it happens.
Probably in the beginning of your practice you have the feeling that “you” are moving inward. You are exploring your senses, your body, your breath, your mind and your silence. I am exaggerating, but this is just to make a point. In the beginning it might even appears as if innermost Silence is owned by ahamkara when you live in avidya (ignorance).
There is an experience of expanding into previously unknown aspects of your being:
This is were we all start… playfully said complete unconsciousness:

Gradually the veil of unawareness lifts and “your” senses and “your” body are experienced consciously:

When these are regulated, coordinated and mastered to a certain degree, breath starts to come into the picture:

An even further expansion is to start to witness the objects traveling in the conscious mind-field:

When practice and awareness starts to deepen, even the previously unknown active and latent unconscious mind comes into conscious awareness:

Through this expansion there is an increasing awareness and deepening intuition toward that aspect of you that is not subject to change, that does not die, that lies at the core of “your” being. Contemplating on this center of “your” being will bring insights about the nature of this center:

Gradually or suddenly the perspective can change. It is as if the whole map of existence flips, rotates, or spins 180 degree. REALIZATION: If Pure Consciousness is what I really am, then I am not looking inward but actually Consciousness is looking outward… wow! Consciousness appears to manifest outward as mind, breath, body and senses. Consciousness appears to have fallen asleep into these layers, somehow mistaken itself to be these layers.

This process of moving inward may be at first seen as the above, as if “you” are moving inward… but now you know that Consciousness is actually moving outward.
Thus, this is what really happens in the process of moving inward:

If “you” are able to look at a more subtle aspect of your being, means you are looking outward from more within. Through practice awareness is made finer, deeper, or subtler; thus it can now look outward from a deeper level.

To look at something means your awareness has gone to that level, thus awareness is now present HERE. And from HERE it can look outward.

Deeper and deeper…as if your awareness walks backwards through the previously unknown areas, looking forward.

All the way to deep into the mind-field… From HERE “you” can start to intuit the Center of Consciousness, that is non-dual, does not change, is all-pervasive. From this deep level you start to understand that everything seems to manifested out of Pure Consciousness. You are able to better understand how latent desires (samskaras) in the mind are projected outward into thoughts, emotions, and forms. How actions come out of these thoughts.

We end up at the same AHA!

Thus, there comes a point in practice that the known map of existence, of both microcosm and macrocosm, flips 180 degree. Having this new map resting in your awareness will shift the way you look at the world, it becomes the new perspective of life. It will support your practice in daily life and in meditation.


Inner Paradigm-shift
A paradigm-shift is a change in how the majority of the society/science/authority/establishment view the world. The current paradigm, in the current way the West is holding Reality is that matter is creating consciousness. Yogis have always seen this the other way round; Pure Consciousness is One, and matter appears within Consciousness. In order to live in a society in which the later is the known paradigm a shift is needed, and you can be a part of that shift! Live life from this awareness, make it your reality (full of sacredness). Realize that you yourself are a world unto its self. If thoughts are people, as Swami Rama says, then there is a whole civilization inside of you. Train the mind so it becomes obvious for yourself and your whole inner world that this is Reality; Consciousness appears to manifest outward and everything happens within Consciousness. Then it will dominate all your actions, thoughts and speech, because this is the new default position of awareness. If it is established in “your” Reality, then it will spill over in the way you raise and teach your children, you play with your friends and be with your family, in the way you hold the whole of existence in your heart. Thus make this inner paradigm shift (make the shift in your whole inner world) based on constant practice and constant awareness that all appears within Pure Consciousness…and who knows, maybe we’ll life the day that it is common knowledge in the whole world!


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Yoga Meditation, Contemplation, and Devotion for Self-realization

This site is an offering to those who deeply long to experience Pure Consciousness that is known as Divine Mother or Tripura (‘Tri’ means three, and ‘pura’ means city); She is the one that lives in the three cities of Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep. Temporary leaving behind the three cities and residing only in Pure Consciousness is called Self-realization. Another name for this realization is Yoga; the union of the individual self with the universal Self; the union of  Atman with Brahman, or Shiva with Shakti; or the dis-union of Purusha and Prakriti. Some might think of Tripura as an anthropomorphic being but She is not, She is the Non-dual Reality in which all appearing manifestation seems to exist. All that is, is the Non-dual Reality. 
On this site the teachings of Yoga, Vedanta, and Samaya Sri Vidya Tantra are offered to guide you in learning to meditate directly on Tripura by using modern ways of communication such as through animations, while preserving the ancient wisdom. These teaching have been given to us by an ancient lineage of meditation masters, lovingly called the Tradition of the Himalayan masters. These practices lead us to a space of stillness and silence where Yoga meditation, contemplation, mantra and prayer converge into deep devotion and constant awareness of Tripura. At the end of the journey when all efforts are exhausted, grace will dawn. This is known as shaktipata, through which the final barrier is removed, which is the piercing of the bindu, and leads to the direct experience of Non-dual Reality. This finally reveals an unimaginable Joy from knowing the Non-dual Reality or Pure Consciousness!


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