Conscious Transition: Silent Meditation into Meditation in Action

Many times a day we can dive deep toward the innermost Silence. Toward the innermost Silence that is ever-present, eternal and unchanging, which is also called Pure Consciousness. You can do this in a structured way with the systematic meditation practice let’s say; 4 times a day. Or you might just have a moment of awareness in which attention moves inward taking the senses along inward. Maybe there is a free-meditation moment when the mind shifts from ida nadi to pingala nadi or vice versa in which sushumna nadi awakens for a brief moment. These moments where attention is brought inward, through the layers of our being, are moments where attention is resting in a place closer to the innermost Silence. The closer to this innermost Silence the more intense the silence is experienced. No matter how shallow or deep you dive, as soon as you leave behind some of the noise at the surface you can enjoy the silence.
Then… after a while this moment of silence seems to stop… either involuntary or voluntary. Samskaras become active and push attention to the surface. Manas and buddhi are no longer coordinated in such a way that attention stays with the space or object of meditation. Or simply because your time for silent meditation is finish and daily duties are planned.
Is the experience of silence only limited to these few moments of silent meditation? Definitely not! You can make your whole life a life of meditation. This can be done by consciously transitioning from silence into action.
In silent meditation (just another way to describe systematic meditation) you allow Consciousness to recede inward, temporary setting aside the layers of “your” not-self, to go as deeply or closely toward Pure Consciousness as possible in this “dive”.
Maybe you think that you have to leave this place of silence behind when you go back to the world of action. But what if you don’t leave it? What if you stayed here, but mindfully switched back on the layers that you set aside during your silent meditation? What if you allowed that this silence is your new platform from which you live? Then you will be wearing these layers that you consciously switched back on as instruments, tools or toys with which the silence can play in the manifestation of Consciousness. The silence is not forgotten or left behind once the layers are being activated again. Silence can consciously operate through these layers.

What if you could maintain this stance of awareness? Operating from silence through the layers until your next meditation time?
Then at your silent meditation time you again allow Consciousness to recede, once again setting aside these layers. And after a moment of deep silence, the layers are worn again by silence.
What if you lose the silence during the day? No problem… just bring attention back again into that space of silence. You do this by receding back inward and perceive life from that stillness looking out through the layers of your not-self; mind, breath, body, and senses.

These transition moments can be seen as taken off and on pieces of clothes.
During playtime in the Dreaming and Waking state Pure Consciousness seems to be dressed up with mind, breath, body and senses. It is not who we really are, but these layers of “clothes” make it possible to function in these states of Consciousness.
The “problem” is that when Pure Consciousness is wearing these layers it falls asleep into them. Now, there is an “I” that thinks it is the body, that breathes and has senses. What really is, is Pure Consciousness.
We learn to become aware of the clothes, train them, so that we can temporary take them off to be only “naked” Pure Consciousness.
But mindfully taken them back on is a skill too! Not again falling asleep thinking this IS who I AM. Being active in the waking state can be done while awareness is resting in Silence and wears the clothes without falling asleep.
Thus, as you mindfully transition into silent meditation, you can also mindfully transition out of silent meditation! Not leaving the Silence, but remaining awake in this Silence while playing with the instruments. Then silent meditation transitions into meditation in action and meditation in action transitions into silent meditation, etc. Thus meditation can be practiced constantly! In this way there can be constant awareness of silence.
Probably something else will happen too. Namely, you will be able to dive deeper and deeper into the Silence. If awareness is kept in this silence during your actions, then the next dive at silent meditation time will be deeper.
Gradually the platform of silence from which you live will deepen. The closer you’ll get toward the innermost Silence, the easier it will be to be aware of this innermost Silence; the Center of Consciousness. Thus gradually it will be easier for you to be constantly aware of the Center of Consciousness within. While you are playing in the world of action and during silent meditation time… AUM…

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Yoga Meditation, Contemplation, and Devotion for Self-realization

This site is an offering to those who deeply long to experience Pure Consciousness that is known as Divine Mother or Tripura (‘Tri’ means three, and ‘pura’ means city); She is the one that lives in the three cities of Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep. Temporary leaving behind the three cities and residing only in Pure Consciousness is called Self-realization. Another name for this realization is Yoga; the union of the individual self with the universal Self; the union of Atman with Brahman, or Shiva with Shakti; or the dis-union of Purusha and Prakriti. Some might think of Tripura as an anthropomorphic being but She is not, She is the Non-dual Reality in which all appearing manifestation seems to exist. All that is, is the Non-dual Reality.
On this site the teachings of Yoga, Vedanta, and Samaya Sri Vidya Tantra are offered to guide you in learning to meditate directly on Tripura by using modern ways of communication such as through animations, while preserving the ancient wisdom. These teaching have been given to us by an ancient lineage of meditation masters, lovingly called the Tradition of the Himalayan masters. These practices lead us to a space of stillness and silence where Yoga meditation, contemplation, mantra and prayer converge into deep devotion and constant awareness of Tripura. At the end of the journey when all efforts are exhausted, grace will dawn. This is known as shaktipata, through which the final barrier is removed, which is the piercing of the bindu, and leads to the direct experience of Non-dual Reality. This finally reveals an unimaginable Joy from knowing the Non-dual Reality or Pure Consciousness!


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